Romesh Hettiarachchi

After spending the last decade practicing at the intersection of business, law, and technology, I know the challenges entrepreneurs and business owners face when adapting their processes and workflows to the digital economy.As a digital advisor to modern business owners, I offer practical resources, actionable insights, and transformative courses that help professionals and business leaders make informed decisions as they adapt their business models to today’s ever-evolving landscape.



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Practicing at the intersection of business, law and technology for over a decade, I help entrepreneurs, lawyers and business owners solve problems, minimize risks and manage legal processes effectively, in and out of court.Recognizing the increasingly critical role that technology plays in successful businesses, I also help entrepreneurs and lawyers design digital workflows that help them deliver more value to client more efficiently while helping them balance their personal responsibilities and professional commitments

modern mediation processes

effective dispute resolution services without the courtroom

Who says you need a courtroom to resolve disputes?Today, legal proceedings can not only be intimidating and expensive but often take too much of time to resolve.Skip the stress and expense of court with our effective mediation services. We handle disputes by facilitating a virtual conversation focused on leading towards a mutual agreement, all without setting foot in a courtroom.By focusing on communication and compromise, we believe we will be better able to solve your problems faster with less hassle and with less cost.It's simply a smarter, more compassionate approach to solving legal problems.


Cost-Effective Resolution

Save on legal costs with our creative and efficient process.

Quick and Effective Solutions

Achieve results in a fraction of the time of court battles

Flexible Resolution Options

Our virtual mediations gives you control and saves you costs.

Tech-Enhanced Process

We use technology to acheive consensus quicker.

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Your first step to resolve your matter begins by scheduling a consultation call.During this call, you'll outline the dispute and your goals to our mediation specialists, setting the stage for a personalized mediation process.If we can help, we'll invite the other parties to a call to explore their interest.This approach is a simple, yet crucial step to help us understand your unique situation and prepare for the next steps.


step 2

design your resolution process

If there is interest, we will design a mediation plan: identifying what issues need to be resolved and setting out what information the parties need to share in order to resolve the dispute.This collaborative effort involves selecting the right strategies and setting expectations on what the parties will experience during the process.It's about creating a path that feels right for you, with professional guidance to ensure its effectiveness.


step 3

engage in your resolution process

Once the mediation has been designed, we expect the parties to work together in good faith towards a mutually agreeable solution.We generally conduct mediations online so as to ensure parties are in a space where they feel comfortable.You can expect your mediation to be conducted in a constructive and secure environment where open communication is encouraged, and every party's perspective is valued.We will do our best to empower you to reach an enduring resolution, moving you from conflict to peace of mind.


Our Mediation Services

about Romesh

With over a decade of litigation experience, I am proud of my ability to find practical commercially reasonable resolutions to business disputes.

I firmly believe this experience will be invaluable when it comes to resolving your dispute.

While many mediators have comparable dispute resolution training and skills, my services stand out for three unique reasons.

  • We Create Customized Processes. No two disputes are the same. Why should mediations be any different?

  • We Narrow Down Issues Early. Many mediations fail because the parties don't exchange information. We avoid that circumstance by ensuring that parties are incentivized to share information as early on the process as possible.

  • We are Tech Savvy We use technology during mediations to quickly find resolutions that both parties can live with.


hI, i'M

Digital Advisory

I Help Entrepreneurs And Lawyers Build Modern, Digital-First Businesses. I Also Help Business Owners Solve Problems, In And Out Of Court.

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hI, i'M

I Appreciate Your Interest In Contacting Me.

Given my current commitments to my family, clients and my own self-care, I only provide 1:1 feedback or advice in paid engagements.
Read below to learn how you can get answers to your inquiries.

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